why did you say those things if you only use me !?!?

So you tell me you love and that youll never leave moe. to alwasy truse you when i need you, that the time we were apart you alwsy tryed looking for me , one again that you love me and thats youll alwsy need me 

The Giggle i get when i see your face and the way you act towards me ,

Because you think that im clue less,


 i know more than you think but keep thinking i dont ,

 why  because it only make me  stronger, as a person ! 

You Proved Me Right !

I always thought you were like everyone else i loved 

but i was always told i was wrong

that i should love you 

why ?

because we had a deeper bond 

nothing sentimental 

more  like, 


no argument there,

but the thoughts i had about you,

were always there, 

but they told me ,

to treat you ,

as i wanted to be treated ,

 so i did , 

and in the end ,

 i was hurt ,


 scratch that ,

 why ?

because i always knew who you really were ,

 :D ,

 its a dam 

shame .

- love Eliia